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Cute Unicorn Coaster Set of 4

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    Cuteness and Functionality Appeals to Both Kids and Adults

    Fun to Have at the Party or Work

    • Four unique designs made from scratch
    • Enjoyed by both kids and adults
    • Great conversation starters
    • These coasters get the job done by protecting your office / home desk, or party / dinner table surface
    • Fun and laughter are unavoidable

    Designed with You in Mind

    • These coasters are not only fun and cute, they are also practical
    • They are lightweight (only 3.2 OZ)
    • Flexible
    • They are non-slip so your beverage will stay put
    • They are easy to clean - just wipe them with damp cloth when necessary


    • Home, office, or party, these hardworking, adorable, water-resistant coasters provide good protection for all types of furniture surfaces
    • Washable and reusable
    • Suitable for all regular cup, mug, and bottle sizes
    • Great gift idea for any age, gender, and occasion